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Planning on buying a new home or just selling your current property? We offer a free home valuation just because we are so awesome.

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It's all about TRUST! We specialize in working with Seniors and aging parents wanting or needing to sell the family home.

This is whole reason Milestones Realty was created!

While we can't perform miracles, we are really good at what we do. 85% of our listings sell in 90 days or less and 59% in less than 30 days! All while helping keep our clients informed and calm through the vagaries of the process. Not too shabby.

Our team prepares you every step of the way throughout the home selling process, with professional services including:

  • Trusted Clean-Out Vendors
  • Negotiating a fair market price
  • We do NOT use lockboxes, accompanied showings only

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Packing for a Last Minute Move

Packing for a Last Minute Move

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What to Let Go of Before You Move

What to Let Go of Before You Move

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