Adam is hands down the best real estate agent in the greater Boston area. Putting his fantastic energy and compassion aside for a moment, one of Adam’s greatest attribute is his knowledge of houses and history of the Massachusetts towns. When we visit homes we always get:
– an inspection-like rundown of the quality of the home
– an explanation of the history of the home and the area
– a personalized explanation of how this home will or will not check the boxes on our list

We were always so impressed with Adam’s eye for the quality of home. I’m not kidding it’s like bringing a pre-inspection with you on a visit. Something you NEED in this market where you often need to waive an inspection. His keen eye can save you tens of thousands by finding issues before going too far.

On top of that Adam knows virtually everything about the history and present day situation of many towns around Boston. It helped us know what to expect when moving to a new area. We visited one very old home and Adam shared with us that the wooden floors were most likely from a boat maker just by the type and age.

But probably the most important quality is that Adam really, truly cares that you get the best home for you. The small things are what count. He’s present when you need him, he listens when you have concerns or desires, and he provides guidance when you need it. You can put your trust in him which is hard to find in a industry filled with agents who just want to flip a sale.

I could write probably another 10 paragraphs of praise and Adam deserves it. But I’ll keep it short for the only reason that his compassion, his knowledge, and his skill as a real estate agent is more than enough for anyone to make a decision. The only question is: can you get lucky enough to get on his schedule!

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