Adam Hayes
Adam Hayes

Adam Hayes

Broker - Owner / Realtor®️
Seniors Real Estate Specialists®️ • DRE: 9511784

After 38 years in customer-centric sales positions, addressing other’s needs has been absolutely second nature for me, whether it was the restaurant business, the automobile industry or now in Real Estate. Little did I know that all of my negotiating and people skills would be required, in fact demanded, and just for the seemingly simple act of moving Dad into a Skilled Nursing Facility. My wife and I spent 3 months and several thousand driving – miles dealing with concerns, repairs, cleanouts and other assorted loose ends. Years later I thought, I’ve been in training my whole adult life for that Olympian task and nothing truly prepared me for the energy drain of helping Dad.

Additionally, as the father of a fantastic non-standard adult son, my understanding of true negotiating has been honed with doctors, hospitals, health plans and school systems. By the way, Jacob has received his B.S. from Wentworth Institute of Technology and is now gainfully employees and very happy Software Engineer!

So, what I bring to the table is not only an “insider’s empathy” for clients and their families when faced with downsizing and moving, but also a high level of enthusiasm for making the transition as smooth as possible. For me this is visceral.

I have dedicated Milestones Realty in my Mom’s memory and I choose to work with the Seniors and especially the Silent Generation as I see this as doing the most good for a deserving and woefully under-served population.

I’ve acquired and honed a deft skill set allowing competent interactions with Elder Law and Special Needs Attorneys.

By keeping my client consistently at the center of the sales universe, I’m able act as the leader, guide and source of strength through the arduous and unglamorous downsizing process: hence our tag line: More Than Just Another Transaction.

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What My Clients Say

Tom G.

‟Adam Hayes is the best real estate broker ever!!! And also much more than a real estate broker! I am 74-years-old and recovering from a long illness, making my move feel extremely daunting. But Adam brings to his work broad knowledge, integrity, kindness, intuitiveness, thoughtfulness, humility, dedication, good humor. I could go on. He is a creati ve problem-solver and expertly guided me through the long and complicated process of selling my old home and buying and moving into my new home. He also recommended other excellent service providers, including an electrician and senior move manager, which lightened my load considerably. Working with him was a pleasure and I am so grateful for all he did to make my move possible” Read More ▾

Diane F.

‟If you need to sell your cherished family home, there is no one better to turn to than Adam Hayes, broker/owner of Milestones Realty. Adam has the expertise, compassion, and patience to guide you every step of the way. As an only child, I was faced with both my parents who are in their nineties having health events at the same time and needing to i mmediately leave their house of over 60 years, and finally settle into assisted living. I was challenged with the very overwhelming task of sorting and emptying out their house and putting it on the market. Adam made this job manageable and less stressful with his excellent communication, kindness, thoroughness, and extensive knowledge of the real estate market. From start to finish he was a true professional and advocate for my parents. I would highly recommend Adam and Milestones Realty to anyone seeking assistance in selling their family home” Read More ▾


‟Adam is hands down the best real estate agent in the greater Boston area. Putting his fantastic energy and compassion aside for a moment, one of Adam’s greatest attribute is his knowledge of houses and history of the Massachusetts towns. When we visit homes we always get: - an inspection-like rundown of the quality of the home - an explanation of the history of the home and the area - a personalized explanation of how this home will or will not check the boxes on our list We were always so impressed with Adam’s eye for the quality of home. I’m not kidding it’s like bringing a pre-inspection with you on a visit. Something you NEED in this market where you often need to waive an inspection. His keen eye can save you tens of thousands by finding issues before going too far. On top of that Adam knows virtually everything about the history and present day situation of many towns around Boston. It helped us know what to expect when moving to a new area. We visited one very old home and Adam shared with us that the wooden floors were most likely from a boat maker just by the type and age. But probably the most important quality is that Adam really, truly cares that you get the best home for you. The small things are what count. He’s present when you need him, he listens when you have concerns or desires, and he provides guidance when you need it. You can put your trust in him which is hard to find in a industry filled with agents who just want to flip a sale. I could write probably another 10 paragraphs of praise and Adam deserves it. But I’ll keep it short for the only reason that his compassion, his knowledge, and his skill as a real estate agent is more than enough for anyone to make a decision. The only question is: can you get lucky enough to get on his schedule” Read More ▾


‟The day I met Adam before we had agreed to anything and before I had told him much of anything at all, he showed up with a detailed folder in his hand that he had spent who-knows-how many-hours compiling. The preparedness and foresight absolutely blew me away and made me know this is the type of person I have been looking for. Adam is one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure to deal with both professionally and personally. I cannot say enough glowing things about him. I honestly came to rely on him and he became my central coordinator for everything. In the midst of it all, he was the only person I actually trusted. I just wish I had more business to give Adam, he truly deserves it” Read More ▾

Allan W.

‟Adam was terrific throughout the entire process. He was extremely professional and very patient with me. He answered all my questions and kept me informed of the process at all times. He was very honest, dedicated and his work ethic is awesome. I am very grateful to him!”

Kristen Scott

‟My estate planning attorney recommended Adam to me and I am thrilled she did. Adam set himself apart immediately from the other brokers who I met with before listing my mother's house in Quincy. I had recently moved my mother to memory care and Adam understood that the proceeds of the sale would be funding her care. He understood timing and pricing the home correctly were the top priorities for us. My husband and I have bought and sold a few homes in the area, so we've worked with local brokers before. I can't say enough good things about Adam. While it's a business transaction, he understands it is also a family home. He made sure I was informed about every point in the process and we had multiple offers within one week of listing. He also recognized the emotional side to this sale and went above and beyond to support me through the process. His demeanor, character, patience, and humor all helped me through a difficult time. Adam did everything right - and then some! Just a few examples include: multiple calls to the building inspector's office to try to track down permits from 40 years ago (successfully, I might add), purchasing and installing the correct smoke detectors for the home, dealing with an attorney who was beyond difficult to work with, coming to my home to have me sign the closing paperwork so I didn't need to attend the closing in person, and then coming back an hour before the closing time to have me sign additional documents the lawyer omitted from the original packet - and finally, to presenting me with the most lovely painting of my mother's home as a keepsake. During the process, Adam made me feel as if I were his only client - which I knew I wasn't! I wish everyone could work with him. I can't recommend him highly enough” Read More ▾

Maureen W.

‟Adam Hayes was always available through e-mails, phone calls, and appointments. He abided by all COVID advised precautions, and guided me through the entire process. Adam anticipated concerns/problems and dealt with them as needed. He is organized, kind, thoughtful and caring. My house was listed, marketed and closed in 45 days, including the passi ng of papers. This would not have been possible without his hard work. I am truly grateful for his assistance. Adam prepared a list of prospective buyers listing pertinent information such as offers and contingencies in order to enable me to choose the best one to accept. Adam Hayes is FABULOUS” Read More ▾

The Lyons Family

‟I had the good fortune to work with Adam Hayes. He made what could have been a difficult experience, very easy. After helping my mother to relocate out of state, I needed to sell her condo remotely (from 1500 miles away). That meant communicating with Adam variously by phone, text and email. He always responded in a timely way. If he didn't have an answer (which was unusual), he would do his research and get back to me. His advise was on target. He showed good judgement and solid knowledge of the local real estate market. Adam went above and beyond expectations in multiple ways. For example, he took the initiative in investigating an unexpected water/sewer charge. He made a point of arranging furniture himself for the staging. When we needed a legal document for the closing, he was the one to procure it. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Adam Hayes. I can't imagine anyone being more responsible or doing a better job. On scale of 1 to 5 stars, I'd give Adam a 5” Read More ▾

The Doherty Family

‟Dear Adam, Thank you so much for being Mom's Realtor. You made the sale of her home a virtually worry free process! We appreciated your kind and caring manner, it meant a lot to us during a somewhat trying time. It was amazing how quickly the house sold. Thanks for all your hard work.”

The Spillane Family

‟Dear Adam, I am truly blessed to have had you come into my life when you did. The situation with my Mother's house could have been a complete nightmare, but thanks to you, I only had a few bad dreams. Your expertise and positive attitude along with your caring nature make you the wonderful Realtor that you are.”

The Campbell Family

‟Adam, Just a personal note of thanks for all you did for my Mom, siblings and I, in getting my parents home sold as quickly as you did. You certainly did a great job in studying the market! You know how to deal efficiently (and cost effectively) with all of the details in getting this house sold. I can never thank you enough for all you did. I w ish you much continued success in your future” Read More ▾


‟Dear Adam, Thank you, thank you! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your very thoughtful gift. As you understood, my family home, though modest, was very dear to me. When my parents were ill for many years, I spent more hours there than in my own home. I sincerely thank you.”


‟Adam, Thanks for everything you did for me during the housing process. Great getting to know you. You made my experience stress-free, which was needed! Hopefully our paths cross in the future. Thanks again!”

L. H.

‟Adam, I want to thank you so much for all of the advice and support you gave about my Dad's house. I really appreciate it and while he ended up working with someone else, I know you would have done a great job, and you are certainly on my short list of Brokers to call when my clients need to sell.”

Amy & Paul

‟Dear Adam, Thank you so much for your beautiful and thoughtful painted door stop. We love it and will treasure it! You are so talented! Believe it or not, the Cottage already feels like home. It's like it was just waiting for us to find it. We had a great weekend last week and are getting ready to go down tomorrow for vacation, and we can't wait to spend time there and explore Plymouth. Thank you for everything you did to move this along for us. We appreciate it all and very much enjoyed working with you. Again, our thanks” Read More ▾

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