Shirley Marenghi
Shirley Marenghi

Shirley Marenghi

Seniors Real Estate Specialist® • DRE: 9534171

Working in sales for the last 33 years has been extremely rewarding allowing me the opportunity to work many different personalities across the business landscape. My success is attributed to exceptional customer service based upon a consultative, relationship oriented model. I believe whole-heartedly that continuous communication with a strong emphasis on clarity ensures an accurate dialog and allows for the most favorable outcome with my clients.

Being able to guide Seniors and their loved ones through the often life altering experience of selling the family home is the opportunity of a lifetime for me. I have great respect for our Greatest Generation and fully understand and appreciate how difficult it can be for them to ask for help or assistance. After a lifetime of independence, no longer being safe in your home isn’t easy to accept.

I very much want to leave an inspiring legacy by giving back to my community and I can’t think of a better way than to help take care of those who’ve taken care me. Based in Norwood, I am a true townie with deep and meaningful roots all the way into Boston. I can easily service clients in Norfolk, Suffolk, the West of Boston area of Middlesex and Plymouth Counties.

Time with family of course, is so precious. I spend as much of it as I can with my wonderful children and the most adorable, fantastic grandchildren in the world!

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