Interacting with frail or vulnerable clients in times of crisis

Many of our clients have complicated health conditions and histories, so we use common-sense approaches when making an in-person visit. PLEASE know our conversations are strictly confidential; we ALWAYS have and will continue honor your dignity.

While far from medical professionals, we’re smart enough to understand that we ourselves may become the vectors for transmission of contagions and will obey protocols.

If you or a loved one would benefit from a conversation about real estate, let’s start with a phone call, email or text and make a plan that keeps all of us safe and helps move you through the tricky parts of selling the family home.

Milestones Realty was created in 2009 and exists to advocate for and assist Elders, their families, loved ones and Special Needs population that is so poorly served by traditional Real Estate firms. There are lots of posers in the world of Real Estate claiming they can help because, after all it’s just Real Estate we’re talking about…I urge you to do your homework before signing on with an agent. Are they able to demonstrate their commitment?

We cherish the ideas put forth by Adam Grant, the brilliant Professor and author of the excellent book “Give and Take”…we much prefer to provide energy to our clients rather than take it from them.



Why we don’t provide “instant” valuations…

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